The console provides a command-line interface to LectureSight services and the OSGI container.

!!! warning The shell provides access to all local files. Do not enable console access from non-local IPs unless you have additional security precautions in place such as a firewall.

The console shell is provided by Apache Felix Gogo


The console is launched on startup by the script. To disable launching the console, add the property:


to the CONFIG_OPTS variable in the startup script.

Connect to the console from another terminal window using telnet:

telnet localhost 2501

or netcat:

nc localhost 2501


Access to the console is configured in conf/


The following commands may be helpful:

Command Action
help List available console commands
lb List bundle status
scr:list Show Service Component Runtime status


The following services provide console commands:

Command Prefix Service
config Configuration
cs Camera Steering Worker
display Display Service
ls Heartbeat
metrics Metrics
scheduler Scheduler
va Video Analysis
felix, gogo, obr, scr Commands provided by the OSGI container