PTZ Camera

LectureSight steers a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera in real-time to follow the presenter, based on video analysis of the overview image. Three camera control protocols are supported: VISCA, VAPIX and ONVIF.

Sony VISCA Protocol

The system supports Sony’s VISCA protocol out-of-the-box. The driver detects the model and version of the camera and loads a fitting parameter set. If the camera model is unknown, the driver loads the profile for the Sony EVI-D30. Most Sony PTZ cameras can be switched into a D30 compatibility mode.

The following cameras have been tested with LectureSight and have a dedicated camera profile:

  • Sony EVI-D30
  • Sony EVI-D70
  • Sony EVI-D100
  • Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-USB


The system supports the AXIS VAPIX protocol for PTZ cameras. The following cameras have been tested with LectureSight:

  • AXIS V5915 PTZ Network Camera

ONVIF Protocol

The system supports the ONVIF protocol for cameras. Any PTZ camera which supports ONVIF may work with LectureSight, although only the AXIS V5915 camera has been tested with ONVIF.