Logging is provided by TinyLog, and configured in conf/log.properties.

!!! tip LS-187: Exceptions during bundle startup are not logged by TinyLog, and will be visible on the console only

The default configuration logs to the console. This configuration will log to console and file:

tinylog.level = debug

# INFO/ERROR Logging to console
tinylog.writer1 = console
tinylog.writer1.format = {date:HH:mm:ss} {level}: {class_name}.{method}() -- {message}
tinylog.writer1.level = info

# DEBUG/INFO/ERROR logging to file
tinylog.writer2 = file
tinylog.writer2.filename = log/ls.log
tinylog.writer2.level = DEBUG
tinylog.writer2.format = {date:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS} {{level}|min-size=7} {thread} {class_name}.{method}() : {message}

Available configuration options are described in TinyLog Configuration.