Start LectureSight

With the default configuration, LectureSight will use the video device /dev/video0 as overview camera with a resolution of 320x240, and a simulated (dummy) PTZ camera.

Change to the LectureSight directory:

cd /opt/ls

Review the default configuration:

nano conf/

Start LectureSight:



The Console shell will appear, followed by start-up INFO log entries:

Welcome to Apache Felix Gogo

g! 16:04:16 INFO: ScriptingStub.activate() -- Activated
16:04:16 INFO: ConfigurationServiceImpl.<init>() -- LectureSight version 0.3

Type help to see the available console commands.


You will see the main application window appear. The Services menu should be populated with a number of entries.

LectureSight main window

LectureSight main window


To shut down LectureSight, press Ctrl-C at the console, or use the console command stop 0, or select Services | Quit LectureSight in the GUI.



If you only see the entry System configuration, it is possible that the system was not able to initialize the OpenCL platform and GPU successfully.

Look for the OpenCL device reports in the console, for example:

OpenCL device report:

NVIDIA Corporation NVS 315 (driver version: 375.66)

Compute units :  1 at 1046 MHz max

Memories :  global   : 964.4375 MB
constant : 64.0 KB
local    : 48.0 KB

Workgroups :  1024 threads max in 3 dimensions
2D Image size :  16384x16384 max
Work item sizes:  1024 1024 64

If you don’t find an OpenCL device report in the console, this means that the OpenCL service was not able to find and initalize the OpenCL platform. In this case check the installation of the graphics card driver.

Bundle startup

At the console, type:


to list installed bundles. The set of system bundles will be listed, followed by LectureSight bundles. A status of Resolved or Installed indicates that the bundle has not started correctly. For example:

g! lb
ID|State      |Level|Name
 0|Active     |    0|System Bundle (4.2.0)
 1|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Configuration Admin Service (1.2.8)
38|Active     |    1|LectureSight Object Tracker API (0.3.0)
39|Active     |    1|LectureSight GUI API (0.3.0)
40|Installed  |    1|LectureSight Video4Linux FrameSource (0.3.0)

You can attempt to start the bundle to get more information about the cause of the failure. For example:

g! start 40
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle cv.lecturesight.framesource.v4l [40]: No matching native libraries found.