Welcome to LectureSight

LectureSight is an open source OSGI application that uses OpenCL to analyze a video stream in real-time and track the presenter by controlling a PTZ camera.

Quick Start

  1. Check the requirements for a Linux server with GPU, overview camera such as a webcam, and PTZ camera supporting VISCA or VAPIX.
  2. Check that you have the software dependencies installed (Java, OpenCL and optionally GStreamer).
  3. Install LectureSight from a release or build from source.
  4. Update the default configuration in conf/lecturesight.properties for your overview camera (see some examples).
  5. Start LectureSight.
  6. Calibrate LectureSight so that the PTZ camera can successfully follow objects within the overview camera’s field of view.
  7. Set up a Scene Profile to ignore irrelevant regions of the overview image.
  8. Watch LectureSight in action in the Object Tracker and PTZ Camera Control windows, and fine-tune the configuration to optimize tracking performance and camera movement.
  9. Configure LectureSight to start and stop tracking automatically using the Scheduler.


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Report bugs or file feature requests on the LectureSight JIRA Issue Tracker