The Metrics Service records LectureSight activity for later analysis and quality improvement.

When the metrics service is enabled, metrics are saved to the file metrics/metrics.json when LectureSight exits, or at the end of each scheduled event if the Scheduler is enabled.


Key Default Description
cv.lecturesight.util.metrics. enable false Set to true to enable the metrics service
cv.lecturesight.util.metrics. csv.enable true Enable CSV reporting
cv.lecturesight.util.metrics. csv.interval 30 Interval to write out updates to CSV files
cv.lecturesight.util.metrics. jmx.enable true Enable JMX reporting
cv.lecturesight.util.metrics. log.enable true Enable log reporting
cv.lecturesight.util.metrics. log.interval 300 Interval to write out updates to log file

Console Commands

Command Description
metrics:list List the keys of all registered metrics.
metrics:pause Suspend metric reporting.
metrics:reset Reset all metrics.
metrics:resume Resume metric reporting.
metrics:save Save metrics summary to metrics/metrics.json
metrics:show Show the metrics JSON summary