Status Service

The StatusService provided by the lecturesight-status bundle sends LectureSight configuration and status information to a remote service such as a dashboard.


Key Default Description
cv.lecturesight.status.enable false Set to true to enable status updates
cv.lecturesight.status.url   The URL of a remote service endpoint for HTTP POST updates lectures ight A descriptive name of the server or venue
cv.lecturesight.status.interv al 60 Interval in seconds between status updates

POST data

The status service sends an HTTP POST request with the following multipart/form-data fields:

Field name Type Description
name text/plai n Name configured in
status text/plai n Tracking status: active or idle
metrics applicati on/json Metrics summary from the Metrics Service
profile text/plai n The active scene profile definition
overview-image applicati on/octet- stream The overview image snapshot if configured: file contents of cv.lecturesight.framesource.snapsh ot.file