ONVIF PTZ Controller

Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is a community to standardize communication between IP-based security products, in this case PTZ cameras.

The communication with the camera is defined as a web service. A wrapper handles most of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messaging by using Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) to map the objects to Extensible Markup Language (XML).

!!! warning “Beta code” The ONVIF PTZ Controller has not been extensively tested or used in production.


Key Default Description
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. host 127.0.0. 1 The host name / ip address for the camera.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. username admin The username that will be used to authenticate on the camera, the user is a ONVIF / web service specific user that has access to the web service. The user should have Administrator privileges to be able to manage camera presets.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. password admin The password to use for authentication.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. pan.min -1700 The minimum pan value to use in translating LectureSight values to camera values. ONVIF’s internal values for pan range from -1 to 1. This minimum value is mapped to that range.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. pan.max 1700 The maximum pan value.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. pan.maxspeed 100 The maximum speed for changing the pan value, internally mapped to 1.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. tilt.min -200 The minimum tilt value. Tilt value range is -1 to 1.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. tilt.max 900 The maximum tilt value.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. tilt.maxspeed 100 The maximum speed for changing the tilt value, internally mapped to 1.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. zoom.min 1 The minimum zoom level value. Zoom range is 0 to 1.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. zoom.max 9999 The maximum zoom level value.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.camera. zoom.maxspeed 10 The maximum speed for changing the zoom level, internally mapped -1 to 1.
cv.lecturesight.onvif.updater .interval 80 The interval in ms to request position updates.


The Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) for the different versions and devices:

API Vers ion WSDL
Devi ce Mana geme nt 1.0 http ://w ww.o nvif .org /ver 10/d evic e/ws dl/d evic emgm t.ws dl
  2.0 http ://w ww.o nvif .org /ver 20/p tz/w sdl/ ptz. wsdl
Medi a 1.0 http ://w ww.o nvif .org /ver 10/m edia /wsd l/me dia. wsdl
  2.0 http ://w ww.o nvif .org /ver 20/m edia /wsd l/me dia. wsdl
PTZ 1.0 http ://w ww.o nvif .org /onv if/v er10 /ptz /wsd l/pt z.ws dl
  2.0 http ://w ww.o nvif .org /ver 20/p tz/w sdl/ ptz. wsdl
All 2.0 http ://w ww.o nvif .org /onv if/v er20 /uti l/op erat ionI ndex .htm l

ONVIF Library

This camera implementation is based around the ONVIF wrapper classes written by Milgo and available on GitHub at: https://github.com/milg0/onvif-java-lib.

The onvif-java-lib is deployed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 of January 2004.