The lecturesight-heartbeat bundle provides the Heartbeat service. It is responsible for controlling the execution of the video analysis services. It listens for several OpenCL service signals that indicate that all services have finished their work for the current frame and kicks off the analysis of the next frame.


Key Default Description
cv.lecturesight.heartbeat.aut ostart 2500 Delay time in ms after startup before enabling tracking and camera control. Set to -1 to make LS wait for ‘ls:run’ command in the console before tracking.
cv.lecturesight.heartbeat.lis tens.to VA_DONE A comma-separated list of signal name the Heartbeat service waits for before kicking off the processing of the next frame. Do not change this property.

Console Commands

Command Description
ls:run Activate the video analysis subsystem.
ls:step [frames] Run the video analysis subsystem run for the given number of frames. If the argument is omitted, the video analysis is run for 1 frame. This command is especially useful for debugging when working with a video file frame source instead of a live video input.
ls:pause Pause the video analysis service without de-initializing the service.
ls:restart Re-initializes the heart beat service and start the video analysis subsystem. This command might be used when the listens.to property was changed since the internal signal barrier will be newly setup up.
ls:stop Stops the video analysis subsystem and de-initializes the heartbeat service.