The lecturesight-scheduler bundle provides a service that loads a schedule from an iCalendar (RFC-2445) file and starts and stops object tracking and camera control for each event.

The service is designed to allow LectureSight to follow the recording schedule of an Opencast capture agent such as Galicaster. Changes to the file are detected and the internal schedule is updated automatically. When the file is deleted, all events are removed.

The video analysis and tracking components may need a certain time to adapt to the scene before producing correct tracking results. To prevent unnecessary camera movement caused by false positives, the service can be configured to start camera control some time after the object tracking has been activated.


Key Default Description
cv.lecturesight.scheduler.ena ble false Whether to enable the scheduler.
cv.lecturesight.scheduler.sch edule.file schedule .ics The filename of the iCal file holding the schedule.
cv.lecturesight.scheduler.age   A capture agent name the service will look for in case the iCal holds schedules for more than one capture agent. If not set, the service will take every event from the iCal into account.
cv.lecturesight.scheduler.tim ezone.offset 1 The time zone offset to add to the event times from the schedule.
cv.lecturesight.scheduler.tra cking.leadtime 0 The time (in seconds) the service will wait after the object tracking has been activated before the camera control is activated.

Console Commands

Command Description
scheduler:start Activates tracking and camera steering.
scheduler:stop Deactivates tracking and camera steering.
scheduler:status Shows the scheduler status: active or idle